Privacy Policy

Crypto Factory Windows Store Application

Effective Date: June 8, 2017

Crypto Factory Windows Store Application (“The Application”) does not collect, process or communicate any personal information to any parties. The Application does not require Internet connection in order to operate and works autonomously.

The Application does not store on the User device any information required for its operation since it performs all operations in memory.

The Application processes files selected by the User only for the purposes of encryption or decryption treating each selected file as an array of bytes with no analysis of its contents, structure or any information contained in the files.

The Application uses Microsoft Cryptographic Engine class of .NET library to encrypt and decrypt the files and Microsoft .NET Windows.Security.Cryptography Namespace to encode and decode files to prepare them for encryption or decryption process. This makes sure that encrypted files are in compliance with applicable encryption standards as well as key strengths meet relevant security requirements.

The Application does not make any changes to files the User processes using the Application. The Application creates new encrypted or decrypted files in a folder specified by the User. The Application does not overwrite any files that might exist in a folder specified by the User. If the file with the same name already exists in the selected folder, the Application creates new file with the name containing the original name by adding a number at the end of the file name. Therefore, in no circumstances does the Application overwrite any data on the User device.

Should you have any questions about Privacy Policy please contact the Application support. The support information is available on the Application Windows Store page in the Published Info section.